Indecook 5th generation cooking means

No need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking

Working individuals, elder people, busy homemakers, bachelors, teenage children and college students who do not have the time or who cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen cooking can now cook their own nutritious meal in a ziffy

Prepare and eat zero preservatives, zero additives and 100% hygienic meals

Cutting-edge technology and processes helps preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients naturally. Self-cooking is so much better than ordering restaurant food.

Cook 45+ tasty and yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner meals

Cook varieties and varieties of tasty items whether you plan to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. Apart from favorites Idlis, dosas, rice dishes- varieties also include alternate cereals and millets like Finger millet (Ragi), Pearl miller (Bajra, Kambu), Foxtail millet (Thinai) etc

Indecook 5.0 Ingredients

A very efficient way to cook. Indecook 5.0 ingredients help you cook a faster, tastier and healthier meal. For most of the items it is just about boiling or heating.